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About Go Spanish Abroad

Who We Are
About Go Spanish Abroad

Go Spanish Abroad is a Madrid-based company specialised in organising educational, language-study trips to Spain. We pride ourselves in our fluid, professional relationship with all of our Spanish language school associates. With the plethora of schools out there, choosing the right one can be a daunting task for a student or organiser, especially coming in from a foreign country. We apply a strict list of criteria to sift through all of the Spanish language academies in each one of our cities and offer only the highest quality schools, with engaging courses and professional, native teachers.

Our Goal
Go Spanish Abroad Goals

Our goal is to make studying Spanish abroad accessible to as many students and educators as possible. We strive to offer our clients the most affordable and effective Spanish abroad classes out there. Go Spanish Abroad understands that living and studying abroad is a rewarding and enriching experience, but can also be fraught with uncertainty. We help remove that uncertainty by taking care of all the ins and outs of a trip abroad, from classes to accommodation, right from the outset. We are definitively your one-stop shop to Spanish abroad. Once you've booked with us all you'll have to do is make travel arrangements and forget all the rest. Everything will be arranged and waiting for you to arrive.

We don't sell courses just anywhere; we know the places where we sell Spanish abroad and we'll put all of that knowledge at your service, offering you the best deals on the market with the most reputable schools. If you choose to arrange your housing with us you'll be guaranteed placement in comfortable residences in safe, well-connected areas. We make studying abroad simple and manageable and take away all the worries so you can focus on what you're really coming here for: learning Spanish!

Our Commitment to You
Go Spanish Abroad Customer Commitment

We are wholly committed to your satisfaction as students and as clients. That is why we take special pride in our customer service. We have a highly professional, trained staff dedicated to helping you out and resolving any issues you may have so that your Spanish abroad experience is a smooth one.

We're always surprised to see how many of our competitors don't even bother to hire English-speaking staff to communicate effectively with anglophone clients. If even understanding their English-language website can be a challenge, we can't begin to imagine what it would be like to have to depend on their customer service. Our staff actually speaks English, so you know that what you see is what you get: no misunderstandings, no uncertainties, no communication difficulties. And should you run into problems on your way here you know we'll be able to fully understand them and take care of things for you. That's Spanish abroad the way it should be. You should expect nothing less.

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