Barcelona Spanish School

The Rocafort Barcelona Spanish School is a state-of-the-art Spanish learning center. Our goal can be summed up in a single phrase: to make learning Spanish fun and accessible. Young people from around the world come to our school to immerse themselves in the Spanish language. We pride ourselves in the lively, enjoyable atmosphere in our school and the value of our courses. Our staff is highly trained and motivated and will assist you in whatever you may need. We don't limit our involvement with our students to teaching Spanish. We will help orient you in the city and in Spain and organize entertaining activities to enrich your study abroad experience. Our activities coordinator also has all the info you'll ever need about the best night clubs in Barcelona, so don't be afraid to ask! The Rocafort Barcelona Spanish School provides an all 'round experience that will see you conversing with your Spanish friends like a pro while you enjoy all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

Barcelona is a one-of-a-kind city. No place in Europe, Spain or even Catalonia is quite like it. The unique atmosphere of the city is accentuated by its ecclectic mix of architectural styles, its privileged location by the beach on the Mediterranean shore and its status as one of Spain's main financial powerhouses. This is possibly the most comfortable major city in the world in which to have a Spanish immersion experience. Without a doubt Barcelona is the most European city in the Spanish-speaking world and the Rocafort Barcelona Spanish School will help you discover the rich culture and history of this ancient city that dates back to Roman times.

Our goal is that you leave Barcelona and the Rocafort Barcelona Spanish School enriched and with fond memories to look back upon. We seek to improve your Spanish, to broaden your cultural awareness and to enable you to make the most of your study abroad experience and your stay in Barcelona. Check out our affordable courses and housing options, we guarantee you'll have a blast!

Remember that we strive to help you make your credits transferrable to your university. If you would like your class hours at the Rocafort Barcelona Spanish School to count as university credits just ask our dedicated staff and we'll do everything we can to adapt to your university's requirements.

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