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Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Barcelona is a major and unique Spanish metropolis. Students who come learn Spanish abroad in Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, are in for quite a treat. Barcelona is home to some of Spain's most fascinating and eclectic modern architecture, one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and all the plusses of life in a big city. As a coastal city, Barcelona enjoys access to many kilometres of beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Indeed, the city proper has its own public beach right in the middle of downtown. This makes the city a great place to get the cosmopolitan big-city flavour of the landlocked Spanish capital with the rest and relaxation of small Mediterranean beach towns. Although some fuss is sometimes made about the prevalence of Catalan as the language of public discourse in reality Barcelona's residents are fully bilingual. Barcelona is said to be Spain's most European large city. Should you decide to learn Spanish in Barcelona you won't be disappointed as there is much to discover and enjoy here.

Study Spanish in Barcelona

Located in a huge, ultra-modern building in central Barcelona right near the Barcelona Sants train station, the Spanish Institute must be seen to be believed. It offers unbeatable comfort and high quality courses for serious and demanding students with ample classrooms, abundant natural light, wide open spaces replete with sofas and armchairs, enormous student lounges and even a lovely, gravel-strewn patio with a garden. Classes are taught by expert teachers with many years of experience both in Spain and abroad. This is a prestigious school for applied students who've come to learn Spanish in Barcelona. We take your Spanish seriously and if you do too we guarantee that you'll excel in our courses and your Spanish will improve.

Our teachers are experienced and motivated and love what they do. We are dedicated to providing our students with a top quality educational experience using state of the art technology as you discover the amazing city of Barcelona, known throughout the world.

Barcelona Spanish

The Rocafort Barcelona Spanish School is a school with many years of experience offering high quality Spanish courses in Spain to foreign students at discount prices. We are located in the heart of Barcelona, within the famed Eixample district, next door to the offices of the Generalitat. Our school boasts modern facilities and an enthusiastic team of professionals whose obsession is your Spanish. In our roof terrace you'll find a charming little stall where our Activities Coordinator is ready to answer all your questions about Barcelona and the many and varied activities and excursions that are always taking place at the school. If you want to learn Spanish in Barcelona and have a really fun time in the process, all without breaking the bank, this is the school for you.

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