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Barcelona Nightlife

Barcelona Nightlife

Barcelona is a major, cosmopolitan, European city with a bedazzling array of cultural options and people from all walks of life. As such, of course, it enjoys a teeming nightlife. Parties last all night long and the city centre thrums with activity and lights as Barcelona's young revellers fill its streets and clubs. Barcelona's city busses begin service early in the morning and continue until late at night. Each route has its own hours, which you can consult in the Barcelona bus timetables section of the official Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona website. After-hours bus service is provided by a network of night busses, which in Barcelona are known as nitbusos. As with Madrid's night busses, all nitbus routes converge on a single point in the city centre. In Barcelona this point is Plaça de Catalunya, the heart of the city and within walking distance of all the main party districts. Like normal Barcelona busses, each nitbus has its own hours which can be consulted in the website of Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, though generally speaking they start to circulate between 22:00 and 23:00 continue until about 6:00 the following morning.

Fiesta in Barcelona

All of Barcelona's central districts have become party zones. Graçia is preferred by students. El Raval used to be a neighbourhood to be avoided but in the past decade it has experienced an impressive transformation, owing in large part to Pakistani immigration and businesses which have brought economic and cultural revival to this formerly run-down area. Today it is filled with bars and clubs that stay open all night long and cater to a motley, bohemian crowd and is somewhat analagous to Madrid's Malasaña. The barri gòtic (Gothic Quarter) is a popular tourist haunt both day and night. By night its many bars attract a festive, international crowd. Among the night venues you might consider is Jamboree, which caters for music lovers of the 70s, 80s and 90s, so get on your smiley face t-shirts and prepare to get involved. Other great bars to pass on your way around the Barri Gòtic are Margarita Blue and Karma. There are several types of venue which will take good care of your requirements, for example there are bars and clubs, pub crawls, late bars for when you dont want the night to end and cafe bars.

You can expect the bars and clubs to stay open until around 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning though be warned that drinking outside on a terrace will cost you considerably more than if you are inside. Bars effortlessly provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for you to spend time with friends. There are always nights when you have had a great time and don't want to leave or just lost track of time trying to cram everything in. Well if the thought of sleep isn't appealing to you then head on over to one of the late bars scattered around which can be open for busness until up to 10:00 the following morning! Late bars have several plusses. For example, many will vary in their design so if you want to have a good time but are a bit rusty on the dance moves don't worry, there will always be a bar with a great vibe yet no pressure for the infamous dad dancing. If you just want a place to go for a nightcap then you won't be disappointed with bars such as Aurora. This place plays funky music with the familiar discoball lighting up the room to achieve its unique style by not attempting to be alternative.

Barcelona Nightclub

L'Eixample has a sublime choice of venues including the Bel Luna Jazz Club located in the centre of Barcelona, a great place to relax while listening to good music. This club has a sterling reputation and delicious food to complement your night out on the town. Be there around 11:00 (which tends to be when the action starts in Spain) to see the jazz bands perform and you will be able to have your evening meal while doing so if you time it right. Antibiotic most probably earnt its name as a solution to being idle. After spending a few moments in there yourself the vibe is soon recognisable as that of a relaxed hip hop club. Whether you're there to kick back listening to the music or take a more active role out on the dance floor, Antibiotic will be the prescription you'll be happy to take. Arena is an the most popular and well known gay nightclub in Barcelona with the house packed every night of the week. Latin themed club Agua de Luna has all types of music from samba to hip hop and really allows you to let your hair down and if you don't have hair, not to worry, just pretend to let it down. This club offers workshops to help you to polish off your dance moves there's no excuse to not get involved and enjoy the party atmosphere. With colourful carnivals, it's no wonder why this is such a popular area to be in.

Barcelona Nightlife

Port Olímpic is a great place for a bar crawl if you have the cash to spend, though it's not all about bar crawls, there a some excellent places to check out whatever your style. Those inclined for an adrenaline rush can check out the alluring Gran Casino de Barcelona which has a huge range of games to play: roulette, blackjack, poker and slots with previous jackpot wins of over 40,000€. Not bad, right? Once you have indulged in the casino entertainment you might build up a bit of an appetite. Take advantage of the many food options available such as the prestigious Teppan Yaki Japanese restaurant. The Baja Beach Club is another great choice for a lively fun night. To wisely spend your leisure time check out Shoko. Though it doesn't get hopping 'till about 1:00 in the morning it promises quite an energetic vibe.

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