Business Spanish Courses in Salamanca

Business Spanish in Salamanca

Business Spanish abroad in Salamanca gives you the resources and tools you need to get ahead in the business world. Just choose any one of the business Spanish courses offered by our associate schools in Salamanca and head to our online booking system to reserve your place today. If you want to improve your job prospects or further your business-related career, you can't go wrong with a business Spanish course abroad. The experience looks great on any CV and is highly valued around the world especially in Spanish-related jobs. This is also a great way to build knowledge of the international business world and the Hispanic business culture, important skills in today's world, and to prepare for the Madrid Chamber of Commerce exam. Only intermediate level students need apply.

Compare prices and details for Business Spanish Courses in Salamanca for intermediate level students at our Spanish language schools abroad. All of our schools are centrally located with public transport closeby. The facilities are large and modern, filled with natural light and abundant space. The teachers are highly qualified professionals who enjoy what they do: teaching Spanish to foreign students. Our associated schools exclusively use the Communicative Approach to teach Spanish. With this approach you'll never rote learn abstract grammar; instead, you'll spend your time in class interacting with the teacher and fellow students and learning Spanish through interaction. Click on the Business Spanish Course or school in Salamanca you're most interested in to learn more about it.

Executive Spanish

  • Level Requirement: Upper Intermediate (B2)
  • Length: 6 hours/ day
  • Class Size: 8
  • Culture Workshop: YES
  • Course Materials: INCLUDED
  • Start Dates: See School Website for Details
1 week 355€
2 weeks 695€
347.50€/ week
3 weeks 1040€
346.66€/ week
4 weeks (full course) 1195€
298.75€/ week

Professional Spanish

  • Level Requirement: Intermediate (B1)
  • Length: 4 hours/ day
  • Class Size: 10
  • Culture Workshop: YES
  • Course Materials: NOT INCLUDED
  • Start Dates: See School Website for Details

317.50€/ week

263.75€/ week!

All prices are for consecutive weeks of uninterrupted study. Reservations are confirmed within 24 hours.

Some course details, terms and conditions may vary. Consult school websites for details.

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