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Fun Spanish Activities in Spain

Fun Spanish Activities

How about learning Spanish while you practise your favourite hobbies? If you want to learn Spanish abroad and have fun at the same time then consider taking a Flamenco class or golf lessons with your course. Our schools offer a wide variety of enjoyable activities to complement your course with. You'll get the advantage of reinforcing the Spanish you learn in class in practical, real-world contexts and you're guaranteed not to get bored! Choose from any one of the many entertaining extracurricular activities available throughout Spain and have an unforgettable Spanish holiday abroad. You'll have a fantastic time and the edifying experience of learning one of the key international languages in the modern world.

Sound interesting? Is one of your hobbies on offer? Here's your chance to combine great fun and education all in one, neat holiday package. Choose the city that most interests you in each course's description to learn more about the Spanish activities, courses and schools available there.


Spanish Activities

  • Spanish Intensive Course + Spanish Activities
  • 5 days a week
Cities in which these courses are available:

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