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fun spanish

Who ever said that learning had to be boring? Certainly no one from Granada! Notch up the fun with these Spanish courses with a twist that may be just the thing to take the monotony out of your Spanish learning experience. We offer Fun Spanish in three exquisite flavours. Choose Christmas in Granada to combine Christmas cheer, Andalusian cheer and Spanish all in a fantastic package that is designed to leave you with outstanding memories and much improved Spanish speaking skills. Flamenco Spanish gives you the truly unique opportunity to learn to dance flamenco in the town where this millenial tradition started, all while you learn the local language. And last, but not least, Spanish Immersion Study makes for an interesting choice for the more studious as it presents three subjects (Art, History and Literature) taught in Spanish. In this course you take the role of a native student and pick up the language the way natives do, by learning in it.

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