Granada Host Family

granada host family


This is your chance to immerse yourself in an authentic, southern Spanish household. The Granada Host Family option is housing combined with full cultural and linguistic immersion. Your family will be committed to helping ease you into your new surroundings as well as giving cultural guidance and helping you learn the language. A whole lot of vocabulary is originates from or is directly related to the domestic sphere. If your Spanish learning is limited to the classroom or even just to the street, you miss out on many concepts that tend to come up only at home or in a family. Granada Host Family housing helps overcome that barrier.

We offer half board and full board options for the Granada Host Family option. Remember, Spanish customs around mealtime are different. Lunch is at around 2:30 in the afternoon and is the strongest meal of the day, while supper is generally lighter fare and breakfast is the lightest meal of all, normally just a toast and coffee. There's nothing quite like a being part of a typical Spanish family lunch. As anyone who's done it will tell you, living with a Granada Host Family is simply an unforgettable experience.

Granada Host Family Pricing
INDIVIDUAL ROOM Price per week
Half Board (breakfast and supper) 155€
Full Board 165€
Extra night (up to 3) +45€/ night
Half Board (breakfast and supper) 145€
Full Board 155€
Extra night (up to 3) +35€/ night

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