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granada housing

At the Granada Spanish School we know that finding housing abroad, especially if you're new to the culture and the language, can be quite a tough prospect. That's why we strive to make things as smooth and easy as possible for our students, so that your introduction to the magic of Granada is guaranteed to be an amenable one. Every student is different, and Granada is a colourful and diverse city that celebrates differences. We have several different types of housing for different students. For students looking for a completely immersive experience, there's the Granada Host Family option, where you'll stay in an authentic, Granadan household as a member of the family. If you're on the lookout for an economic solution that gives you the freedom to explore the city at your leisure with full board so you won't have to worry about meals, then we suggest staying at a Granada Guest House with other international students like yourself! Finally, for full independence and a fully equipped kitchen, our Granada Flats are just the thing.

All of our housing solutions are available regardless of the academic course you choose. And remember that Granada Housing is always centrally located, so you'll be right in the middle of town as soon as you step out of your front door! Go ahead and check out the details for each option and book now. Lovely Granada awaits you in all its splendour and we're sure that once you try it you'll agree that there's no place quite like Granada.

All students in any one of our Granada Housing solutions must follow our RULES OF THE HOUSE. A student who breaks any of these rules will give up their deposit and repeated infringements may even lead to expulsion from the program. Students living with families must also follow the house rules of their family.


1. No parties.

2. Loss of keys will lead to the withholding of the deposit. If the keys are stolen, 30€ will be deducted from the deposit.

3. No sleep-overs by people who don't live in the residence.

4. No changing rooms without first advising the Housing Department.

5. No making noise during Quiet Hours. Quiet Hours start at 11:00 PM.

6. No alcohol.

7. No smoking.

8. No illegal substances.

9. No animals (with the exception of seeing-eye dogs).

10. No sleeping in others' beds.

11. Any damage or breakage will lead to the withholding of the deposit.

12. No eating in bedrooms.

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