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Granada Nightlife

Puerta de Elvira

As a magnet for European Erasmus students and a university town, Granada attracts quite a lot of young people and has arguably the most active, bustling night scene anywhere in Andalusia outside of Seville. The whole centre of Granada comes to life when night falls, with young revellers coming and going, filling dance clubs to capacity and chatting it up in bars. Calle Elvira is the place to be for bohemians par excellence. The Albaicín (also: "Albayzín") district is also quite popular by night.


Granada 10, on calle Cárcel Baja 10, is the most well known and popular of Granada's dance clubs. It is located in a classic and much beloved building which by day serves as a cinema. The Mae West in the Neptuno Commercial Centre, is the other famous nightclub in Granada. There is a dress code and it is strictly enforced. No sporty shoes. For more alternative and perhaps less posh nightclubs, try calle Elvira. La Tortuga, on Elvira, is a popular gay bar. Granada is home to over 60,000 university students so it is to be expected that there will be a variety of themes on a night out. Traditional flamenco dancing is a popular theme and if you fancy getting involved head down to Sacromonte where, if you're feeling extra brave, you can even take flamenco lessons.

Granada at Night

If you're holding out for a more relaxed night then be sure to head down to Bar Lieria, a charming jazz club which infuses blues and jazz in an intense mix that will leave you pleading for an encore. The entry price is reasonable as you will recieve a free drink once inside, and if this soulful sound has left you energised then you can even take the challenge on the pool table. Can't go wrong with that!

On the search for something you can really nod your head to? If rock is your style then there are a few places you don't want to miss out on, starting with Estrella. Setting an alternative vibe, get ready for a warm welcome for those air guitaring away to their favourite hits with bands such as REM, Rolling Stones and Becks. A smart choice for those nights when you feel like breaking away from the mainstream. Another great alternative bar to check out is El Club, which has the combination of Spanish and English rock to create a unique environment in an intimately sized venue. A small dance floor mixed with a cult following of fans means you will have to pull out some of your best dance moves to ensure your spot!

Granada is full of international students, so it's a very accommodating place for young people looking for a fun night out.

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