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Transportation in Granada


Granada Busses

Granada's bus service has been contracted out to a private company called Transportes Rober S.A. since 1962. By 2008 it had a fleet of 150 busses with 29 different routes, including four tourist routes and two circular night bus routes. It moves some 35 million passengers per year. You can buy a 7-trip Credibus pass for about 5€. That's just 0.67€ a trip, much more economical than a one-way ticket (which, at 1.20€, costs twice as much!). So be sure to get your Credibus pass. You'll have to pay a 2€ deposit on it when you first acquire it, but this will be returned to you when you give it back so long as you keep it in good condition. A special rate is available for university students so ask about it if you're new in town. You can switch from one line to another for free for up to 45 minutes after swiping your pass for the first time. For intercity busses, head to the Estación de autobuses on the edge of town. From here you can go practically anywhere on clean, modern busses. A hop to Madrid takes about 5 hours by bus, enough for two films to be shown.


A Metro line is presently under construction. It will be the first of its kind in Granada and, once completed, work will be started on a second Metro line. The Granada Metro will not be operational, however, until 2012 at the earliest.

Granada Rail

Cercanías, or local rail, in Granada is quite convenient for getting around the province. The station is right in the city centre and is currently being reformed to allow high speed AVE trains to pass through. Daily train connections are available to, among other destinations, Antequera (Santa Ana), Cordoba (Central), Ciudad Real (Central), Madrid (Puerta de Atocha), Valencia (Estació del Nord), Seville and Linares-Baeza. Though the Spanish complain quite a bit about their national rail system this is because most have never had the opportunity to try the alternatives. It is actually quite efficient, clean, safe and modern, and light years from the Italian or even British rail systems. The only possible inconvenience is that it is constantly being upgraded, expanded and worked on, which produces occasional delays or line closings, especially in the Summer. So don't hesitate to use the rail system to get around as that's what it's for!

Granada Taxi

Several taxi companies operate in Granada and as of yet they are unregulated, so prices vary widely. Taxis are normally white with a green diagonal stripe on the sides. Be aware, though, that taxis in Granada are normally very expensive. A trip to the nearby airport can set you back 20€ or more! Granada is a pretty compact town and very walkable, so you should never have to hire a taxi to get around anyway. To get to and from the airport or neighbouring towns, your best bet is to go by bus or train.


Granada Airport

The Granada-Jaén Federico García Lorca International Airport provides coverage both to nearby Granada and Jaén. It is located in Chauchina, just 17 kilometres from Granada, and daily flights are available to Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca (Majorca), Melilla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Lanzarote and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Daily international flights link Granada directly to London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Milan, Paris and Rome as well. A special airport bus ferries travellers to and from the airport. You'll be strolling through the city centre in just a half hour.

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