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Housing in Spain

Student Housing in Spain

Looking for housing in Spain as you study? Forget about searching the internet for something decent and available or practising your Spanish by arguing with your landlord. Our partner schools not only offer the most effective Spanish abroad courses out there but also convenient and comfortable student housing in Spain for all lifestyles and budgets. Choose from residence halls, shared apartments, private apartments or home stay in any and all of the cities where courses are offered and we take care of the rest. Whatever sort of housing in Spain you prefer, whether half board, full board or no board, our partner schools have what you're looking for! Through our website you can book your housing reservation with the school in Spain you choose to study at.

Student Housing Abroad

You may ask: can I travel Spain while I study Spanish abroad? Absolutely! Can I study at more than one school? Of course! Can I make housing arrangements in multiple destinations so that I have a place to stay as I travel Spain and study? Yes! You can book courses and housing in Spain in multiple destinations and take your courses as you travel, at no additional charge. Maybe you'd like to go backpacking throughout Spain as you study. Or start with a four-week long intensive course and a family stay in Madrid, then move on to Barcelona for another week and stay with another family, then finish up with a couple weeks of Spanish + Golf in Marbella and stay in a nice private apartment near the beach. Or perhaps you'd like housing and a course just in Barcelona, but starting out with an intensive course and a residence hall and switching later on to business Spanish and a shared flat. No problem! Through our website, you can do whatever combination of cities, courses and housing in Spain you like. We adapt to fit your travel itinerary.

Choose a housing option and see what's available in each of the cities where courses are offered.


Student Housing in Spain

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  • Home Stay
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