How To Learn Spanish Lessons Efficiently?

How to learn Spanish lessons efficiently?

Would you like to travel to a Spanish-speaking country? Are you thinking about coming to study in Spain? Are you foreigners and, although you have been in Spain for a long time, you have not managed to master the language correctly?

If you are in any of these cases, inevitably you ask the following question: what can I do to learn Spanish? 

What is the best technique to learn Spanish quickly?

Today, we will explain the perfect methodology to learn Spanish effectively. Some will ask if it is the ideal method, the best of all. Others may not yet know what ELE classes are. Anyway, do not worry, we will answer your questions little by little.

First of all: no, this method is not the best of all. Of course, there are many other great learning methods, ideal for different students. After all, not all of us learn in the same way or have the same study methodology.

The method we propose, however, based on the Hello To Spanish teaching will surely convince the majority, especially students and foreigners who want to come to work or live in Spain.

It is a method of learning Spanish based on common sense and logic.

Is learning Spanish the same as learning to speak Spanish?

Some of you may have noticed that the title of the article is: how to “learn to speak Spanish” and not how to “learn Spanish.”

Is there a big difference between the two concepts?

To clarify the content of this article, it is vital that we answer this question as soon as possible: no. Well, yes and no.

Learning to speak Spanish also means learning Spanish. Anyway, we can also learn Spanish without knowing how to write in that language. Something similar happens in music: we can play an instrument without knowing anything about music theory. Even so, we will give you advice that can be applied to both situations.

Start learning vocabulary to express yourself correctly in the language of Cervantes. A part of the essence of a style is found in its dictionary. Words are like bricks that allow us to build our discourse and make communicative exchanges.

Our advice is that you start learning words in Spanish. If you are starting from scratch, this way you can familiarize yourself with the sounds and the musicality of the language.

In bookstores, as well as on the Internet, you will find endless tools and resources that will help you and facilitate the process. If you want to learn Spanish quickly, set some ambitious goals that are feasible to maintain your motivation at all times. For example, why do not you start learning 30 words a day?

Opt for a thematic approach. There are many vocabulary manuals composed of thematic cards. Learning 30 words a day, you will be able to cover 70% of the Spanish vocabulary in a few months.

Learning vocabulary is one thing, assimilating it is quite another. To memorize all the words that you are learning, you have to review them frequently.

Memory has a cyclical function: our brain needs to repeat something several times to record it. Plan frequent revisions with vocabulary cards to review what you have already learned. That way you will not forget a word.


Place labels on the objects of your house with your name in Spanish. This type of tricks, fools that seem, can help you a lot in your learning.

The idea is not to memorize the entire dictionary but to find the necessary resources to learn the vocabulary you need based on your objectives. The vocabulary books can come to you from pearls since in them you will see lists of words divided by thematic groups.

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