Why Learn Spanish in Spain?

Why Learn Spanish in Spain

It's a foregone conclusion that to master a foreign language it's indispensable to spend time in a country where that language is spoken. When you learn Spanish abroad in Spain you're immersed in the language even after class is over, in the street, in shops, on television and on the radio. You'll can practise what you learn in class each and every day, so the value of your course is much greater than if you'd taken it in your home country. Spain attracts Spanish-language learners from across Europe, Asia and North America and you'll be part of a diverse, international mix. You'll make friends from around the world and have a memorable experience.

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Every day more and more students decide to learn Spanish abroad in Spain as part of a cultural exploration. Coming to Spain to learn Spanish is a terrific way to get to know the country and its culture, see its monuments and partake of its rich and varied history. From the stunning Alhambra in Granada to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain is full of places to go and things to see. At Go Spanish Abroad we give you the flexibility to travel as you learn Spanish in Spain so you can see the country and study at the same time. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Spain, as a European Union member, is also a great place to start any European vacation.

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