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Madrid Nightlife


Nightlife in Spain is known as la marcha and nowhere is it more intense than Madrid, the veritable "party capital of the world". It is not uncommon for parties to last from dusk till dawn, especially at weekends, and some even spend several days in a row partying - only stopping to sleep and eat. Madrid's nightlife is accordingly a huge, competitive sector of the economy with a myriad of clubs and discothèques catering to a unending array of subcultures and urban tribes. The Metro and urban bus service close at 1:30 am and are substituted by night busses called búhos and special busses that follow the metro routes above ground, called búhometros, that ferry revellers and party-goers around Madrid all night long. From Thursday night until Sunday morning Madrid's streets are filled with activity all through the twilight hours.


The main party districts of Madrid are bohemian Malasaña, the gay quarter Chueca, posh Santa Ana, international Lavapiés and youthful La Latina. The areas around Plaza Mayor and Ópera are also popular tourist haunts, both day and night. If you're looking for an unforgettable night, then you can't miss out on Kapital. Boasting a full seven floors of fun and mayhem, it has everything you could possibly want from a nightclub, with the huge dancefloor being constantly sprayed with cool air to keep you going. Once you have partied the night away you can sit back and enjoy a drink from one of the several bar lounges equipped with large flat panel televisions and pool tables. At some point you may feel like you've walked right into a science fiction show complete with captivating laser lights constantly on the go. If it sounds this exciting in words, imagine what it's like to actually experience! Certainly a must see.

Madrid Nightlife

Pacha is a widely known franchise, with clubs in many prestigous locations such as Ibiza and London, both known as intense party capitals. All that can be said is that Pacha simply oozes style and is the connoisseur of the best house and dance music around. This is an experience you won't want to miss, thought this goes without saying for those who have been to the London and Ibiza Pachas. With a carefully constructed colour scheme making it look effortlessly cool, it paves the way for a great night. That said, be fully aware of the smart dress code and that it seems as though you have to get yourself on the guest list by knowing someone, so if you're new to the scene try internet groups such as Facebook to find a contact group to help you out.

There will be those who would like a more relaxed night away from partying and the infamous walk of shame. If you are more accustomed to walking back home at 7:00 in the morning be sure to check out clubs such as El Juglar. The great thing about this club is the sheer variety of events that take place ensuring that there won't be a dull moment. Activities include a wide range of bands and music genres, such as electronic, rock and roll, reggae and Latin, but to name a few. It also offers great activities such as art exhibits for those who don't fancy the mainstream essence of a club. Joy Eslava is another club with a great mix of genres and concerts for you to check out if you fancy something a little different from the usual. It has been said Thursday nights are excellent for students and those all important budgets. You won't have to worry about the music being repetitive as it ranges from 1970's tunes to today's top hits, so you can dance your way through the years. Its claim to fame is that it has been open every day for the past 25 years, which certainly speaks for its popularity. If you're looking for a hip hop club, then give Bash a go. Located right in Puerta del Sol, you'll be guaranteed a good night it mixes some of the best R&B and hip hop to give a great vibe to last the whole night.

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