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One to One Spanish Lessons in Spain

Spanish One to One Lessons Abroad

Need personalised attention? There's nothing more personal than private Spanish lessons. All of your questions will be immediately addressed by the teacher and since you don't have to share time with other students the focus is always on improving your proficiency. Take as long as you need on particularly difficult issues and just breeze through what you already know. Our partner schools assign only licensed, professional teachers to One to One Spanish abroad courses. They are trained in individualised learning and helping you get the most out of your time. If you'd like to review a specific type of Spanish (maybe you're a health worker and are interested in Spanish medical jargon, or perhaps you're in the legal profession and would like to brush up on your legal Spanish, etc.) you can request it and our schools will be more than happy to accommodate you with a teacher knowledgeable in the jargon related to the field you're interested in. If you're on a budget but want more individualised attention than is possible in a normal class, be sure to check out the Premium Courses. With minigroups of only 4 students and individual hours, you'll get the personal attention you need to advance quickly and effectively at just half the price of ordinary One to One classes.

Make the most of your valuable time with One to One Spanish Lessons. Choose the city that most interests you in each course's description to learn more about the One to One Spanish Lessons and schools available there.


One to One Spanish

  • Up to 8 hours a day
  • 5 days a week
Cities in which these courses are available:

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