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Learn Spanish in Salamanca

Learn Spanish in Salamanca

The world's oldest university town, Salamanca is famous for its eclectic, international student population. With a population of 155,000, some 32,000 of which are university students, Salamanca's nightlife is as disproportionate to the city's size as the percentage of students that live there, being comparable to that of major Spanish cities like Madrid or Barcelona. Salamanca is small enough to be fully walkable and all of our associate schools and their housing options are located in the city centre. Its university, founded some 800 years ago, has been world renowned for its top notch education since its inception. The city of Salamanca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Study Spanish in Salamanca

The Spanish Academy in Salamanca is itself part of Spain's rich history and culture. Located in an old 16th-century monastery, it's a sight to be seen with its organic, stone walls and carvings or the beautiful patio with climbing plants. This is a school students deeply appreciate where Spanish culture and tradition resonate as deeply as the ubiquitous ochre buildings that characterise Salamanca. You'll get a chance to mingle with locals and international students alike in this quintessential university town.

We offer a breadth of options, including Spanish courses, cultural orientation and Salamanca lodging. Our teachers are all exclusively dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language. This means quality for you and at prices that simply can't be beat! All you have to do is book at your leisure and make your travel arrangements. We'll take care of all the rest and you can relax, enjoy your trip and, of course, learn lots of Spanish!

Salamanca Spanish

Come enjoy lovely Salamanca and learn Spanish at the same time in an international setting with other young students from around the globe. The Salamanca Language School offers a variety of different languages to Salamanca's international students to help facilitate communication and help get around the language barriers students can face while studying abroad. If you're into languages and see yourself as a world citizen, this is the place for you. Our students frequently organize intercambios (exchanges) with one another in which a student will "trade" their native language for help with a language they want to learn. This is just one of the advantages of learning Spanish in a multilingual school!

Located in an old convent just off Salamanca's main commercial avenue, this is a forward looking school while having our roots firmly planted in the past, much like Salamanca itself. Not only courses, but also housing is on offer courtesy of the school. This is an opportunity you'll remember for rest of your life. Don't miss out, come on over and experience Spanish abroad!

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