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Salamanca Nightlife

Salamanca at Night

Salamanca is among the most popular university towns in the world. It is replete with students, over 30,000 of them, so it should come as no surprise that night clubs are disproportionately abundant. This makes Salamanca an ideal destination for those looking for an active, exciting nightlife in a very walkable, medium-sized town. Many clubs stay open all night long and right until the next morning. Before heading to the party scene you might consider going out for tapas (or ir de pinchos as it's known here).


The clubs burst into life late in the evening. If you can't wait to get out and party, you may find yourself surrounded by people enjoying their dinner. It will be around 1:00 in the morning before you start seeing the real crowds forming. Set your alarm for around 7:00 - not to wake up, but to remind yourself when you should be heading home! Honestly, those new to this lifestyle may have to invest in a serious caffeine boost before making that first attempt. They have a saying here which is true to its word, Salamanca por la noche como ninguna, meaning at night there is no city like Salamanca. There are several places to go depending on your taste and what is typically your scene. If rock and alternative bars hit the right note, then head down to La Iguana for a lively atmosphere and crowd that makes you feel welcome. Other clubs you could try are Pania Gua, Chao and Rivendel. The dress code is relatively standard, just casual/smart casual, though be aware it is stricter in certain clubs such as Cum Laude which caters to a slightly older crowd. Avoid the calle de los Bordadores, home to some of Salamanca's most well known clubs, as in recent years it has become increasingly unsafe.

Salamanca Night Clubs

The Irish Rover is a highly popular among student clubgoers, particularly Erasmus students. This is the perfect place to meet young people from all over Europe and the alcohol is of good quality. Country is another good club and is frequented by Spanish students. If you're in Salamanca for a long-term stay and want to get to know the real student crowd, this is your club.

Now on to those most likely with a tight budget, students are always on the hunt for the best prices. Check out the litro bars for a perfect way to start your night with drinks at a fraction of what you would pay in certain clubs. For example, a litre of cerveza (beer) will only set you back 3.50€. Another bar to visit on your night out, for an interesting twist that won't break the bank, is Jacko's Bar. Yes, that Jacko. If you are still mourning the passing of Micheal Jackson then you can now pay tribute while in Salamanca, with everything from the music to the decoration paying homage.

How does a double bass, saxophone and four piece kit sound? Certainly the perfect ingredients if you're a fan of jazz. Whether the band playing is famous or playing their first set, you'll be sure to get a relaxed atmosphere to toast sangría to if you head to Patio de Escuelas. This spot offers hosting nights for artists such as Bebo Valdes. Drinks will be at a fair price and if you pick the right night you might get in for free. Another charming bar is Birdland for a midafternoon coffee, and if you feel like mixing with the artists head down at around 23:30 and you can kick back at one of the many parks surrounding.

If you are looking for a club that will close when most are getting up, then Garramond would be a comendable decision. It opens at 4:00 in the morning, and no that isn't a typing error, so if you feel you want to get more out of Salamanca once the minority have gone home, head towards Garramond and party into the morning with the majority.

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