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Transportation in Salamanca

Autobuses Salamanca

Salamanca is a city that is completely accessible by foot though there are times when the weather might rain on your parade, so it can be handy to have a fleet of 54 busses at your disposal. Salamanca de Transportes provides comprehensive bus service to the whole urban area with reasonable fare prices and 15 routes. This is a great choice to get around the area. A night bus service is also available from midnight until 3:00 in the morning for those who lose track of time in the club..

Salamanca Rail

The local Cercanías rail station Paseo de la Estación, is very effectively linked to the national network with frequent train service. The main destinations are Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Saragossa, Bilbao, France (by Irun), Oporto (Portugal) and Lisbon (Portugal).

Salamanca Airport

Salamanca's airport is located 15 kilometres east from the city centre, near the town of Machacón, at the local air force base of Matacán, with which it shares its runways. Regular service is available to Barcelona and Paris though generally it only handles domestic flights. Service is also available to popular vacation destinations in the Summer such as the Canary and Balearic Islands.

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