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Study Spanish as a second language in the heart of Spain, the city of Seville. Discover the majesty and mystery of this ancient cultural crossroads of civilisation, from the Tartessians and Romans to the passage of the Christian, Islamic and Hebrew peoples, each culture which has made Seville its home has left its indeleble mark on the city. Experience first hand how the traditions of this quintessentially Andalusian city have evolved to keep pace with the hectic modern lifestyle that comes with being a major European regional capital and the third largest city in Spain.

Spanish is a big language and Sevillians speak it with a twist you'll have to get used to. The most well known feature of Sevillian Spanish and Andalusian Spanish in general is that the consonant 's' isn't noramlly pronounced, so, for example, crisis sounds like crisi. When an 's' comes before a 't', however, instead of omitting the 's' sound, it is often inverted so that, for example, está sounds something like etsá. These and other unique attributes of Sevillian Spanish can make it a bit of a challenge to understand for newcomers. Our courses prepare students to understand and use real Spanish in Seville and will help you to get a grasp not only on the universal aspects of the Spanish language, but also on those idiosincrasies particular to this special region of Spain. Once you can get around with Spanish in Seville you can be confident that your Spanish will get you anywhere.

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