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Spanish Accommodation

Finding accommodation in Seville can be intimidating for the newcomer. Very few landlords speak much English and so communication must take place in Spanish. This can easily feel overwhelming for those who don't speak Spanish (hey, you're coming here to learn it, right?) or those for whom it's their first time abroad. That's why we offer a generous selection of Seville accommodation options to our study abroad students all without having to worry about how to say "when can I pick up my keys" on your very first day in Spain! By reserving your Seville accommodation with us your Spanish flat will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. So put aside your worries and book your course and accommodation in Seville with peace of mind. We offer several types of accommodation which go from basic residence halls to private flats all to yourself. We strive to offer housing tailored to all needs and budgets. For students looking for true Spanish immersion in Seville there's Homestay, where you'll stay with an actual Sevillian family and learn first hand Sevillian customs and the Spanish language. Our Seville housing is also located in the city centre within walking distance of your school. Explore, Seville, immerse yourself in its rich culture and languag, all with no worries and no hassle with the Seville Spanish School.

All students in any one of our Seville accommodations must follow our RESIDENT CODE. A student who breaks the rules will give up their deposit and repeated infringements may even lead to expulsion from the program. Students living with families must also follow the house rules of their family.


1. No parties.

2. Loss of keys will lead to the withholding of the deposit. If the keys are stolen, 30€ will be deducted from the deposit.

3. No sleep-overs by people who don't live in the residence.

4. No changing rooms without first advising the Housing Department.

5. No making noise during Quiet Hours. Quiet Hours start at 11:00 PM.

6. No alcohol.

7. No smoking.

8. No illegal substances.

9. No animals (with the exception of seeing-eye dogs).

10. No sleeping in others' beds.

11. Any damage or breakage will lead to the withholding of the deposit.

12. No eating in bedrooms.

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