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Seville Nightlife

Nightlife in Seville

Seville is Spain's third largest city and as the capital of its largest Autonomous Region, Andalusia, it is home to a plethora of nightclubs, scenes and venues favoured by a varied and sundry assortment of revellers and urban tribes. Seville's population is accordingly diverse, including university students from around Spain and Europe, locals and tourists from around the world. Seville also has a number of important local festivals which attract a great number of visitors to the city, most especially the Feria de Abril and Semana Santa.

Fiesta in Seville

The shore of the River Guadalquivir is a popular hangout for young people, especially in the summertime when it is lined with terrazas (pavement cafés). The Zona Centro (downtown) is another hotspot for Sevillian nightlife with a great number of popular bars and night clubs. In Zona Alameda (the Alameda District) you'll be able to take a nice relaxing break in one of the outdoor terraces and pubs, there's something for every wallet here. The Zona Viapol (Viapol District) is a favourite for students looking for a fashionable place to hit the bars and have a few drinks. Zona Triana (the Triana District) is located on an island in the River Guadalquivir and used to be a Roma neighbourhood with a separate identity from the rest of Seville, but has since come to be fully integrated into the rest of the city. Its unique cultural perspective, however, is quite intact and Triana should most definitely not be passed up on any visitor's intinerary while in Seville. This is a popular place to go out at night especially if you're keen on catching some flamenco shows. We recommend you explore the island of Triana from one end to the other, hitting the bars along the way and asking for some pescaíto frito (fried fish), the neighbourhood specialty and one of Seville's signature dishes. Check out the Parque de María Luisa district, where the Lope de Vega Theatre is located, for a lively atmosphere with a diverse range of musical styles, from sevillanas to Latin American beats. Don't miss the nightclubs on Avenida de la Raza, known for its great dancing. Santa Cruz and Calle Betis are two other places you should be sure to check out in your nighttime explorations.

Seville is known for its sweltering heat in the middle of the year, but there are also advantages to coming to Seville in the summer. On Sevillian summer nights parties spill out into the streets and are often held completely outdoors! As in most of Spain, parties here usually get hopping at about 2:00 AM and don't stop until the morning comes.

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