Spanish Academy

The Spanish Academy in Salamanca is a one of a kind Spanish immersion environment. Centrally located just a short, ten minute walk from the Cathedral, it's an ideal starting point for any exploration of this ancient university town. The Spanish Academy is housed in a gorgeous, renovated historic building dating back to the 16th century when it was a monastery. The building conserves many of its features from this time, such as the sculpted water basins and bell-shaped windows carved into the stone walls or the breathtaking climbing plants visible from the patio. As you learn about the Spanish language in a modern, forward-looking town you will immerse yourself in Spain's rich history and culture in an experience not soon to be forgot. Uniquely among similar academys, the Spanish Academy has its very own Spanish bar, adjacent to and directly accessible from the academy building! The bar offers students the possibility to practise their Spanish in this most typical of Spanish environments all without leaving the academy premises. On offer are typical Spanish fare such as tapas and drinks. A lunch menu is also available and the waiters are always happy to assist students with new food-related vocabulary! Our students normally head down to the bar after class to have a drink before getting on with their day. The Spanish Academy also has its own shared flat right above the academy building with a fantastic view of the the patio, for students who like to be on top of things. From here heading to class, or perhaps to the bar first for a nice breakfast, is just a matter of getting out of bed and going downstairs, really. Our academy is one of the select few to offer this total, everything-included, Spanish abroad experience. We're waiting to welcome you into the heartland of the Spanish language.

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