Conversational Spanish Lessons

conversational spanish lessons


If you've already got a grasp on Spanish and you've got your basics down, then, like most students, you are probably looking for some good conversation to bring your speaking skills up to par. The most common problems for intermediate students are limited vocabulary or becoming stuck looking for a certain word. Your job now is to stop thinking in your native language and start thinking in Spanish. Our professional, native Spanish as a foreign langauge teachers will help you to do that. Conversational Spanish Lessons at the Spanish Academy give you that all important speaking and listening practice in a conversational setting while at the same time providing you with the professional guidance and coaching that only a teacher can give. You'll get the very best of all worlds and by the end of your course you'll be speaking much more fluidly than when you entered. Sound interesting? Try it out!

Conversational Spanish Hours
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Conversational Spanish Lessons Pricing

Weeks Price per week
1-4 consecutive weeks 130€
5-7 consecutive weeks 125€
8-11 consecutive weeks 120€
12 or more consecutive weeks 115€

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