Spanish Activities in Madrid

Fun Spanish Activities in Madrid

Make your Spanish experience a fun one as well as an educational one. Many of our schools offer entertaining Spanish activities in Madrid, special workshops or lessons alongside traditional courses where you'll not only hone your Spanish-speaking skills, you'll also practise your favourite hobbies. What better way to spend your holiday in Madrid than learning Spanish while engaging in the activities you most enjoy. If you're a dance devotee or just a Flamenco fanatic, in Madrid you can combine your Spanish Intensive with full-fledged Flamenco lessons in a dedicated Flamenco dance school. Whether you're a novice who is just starting out or a pro looking toward mastery, there are classes geared to absolutely all levels so don't be shy. For history buffs there's a special Spanish Intensive + History Course. Choose between Spanish History, Hispanic Art and Hispanic Literature, or combine all three. Also available in Madrid are special Christmas Programmes. If you're planning to spend this Christmas in Madrid, be sure to check them out!

Compare prices and details for Spanish activities in Madrid for all levels at our Spanish language schools abroad in Madrid. All of our schools are conveniently located in the city centre, near public transport, and boast well-lit, spacious, modern facilities and qualified, enthusiastic teachers. Our associated schools all use only the Communicative Approach to teach Spanish. This means that you'll spend your class time speaking, listening and interacting in Spanish, not rote learning abstract grammar. Click on the Spanish activities or school in Madrid you're most interested in to learn more about them.

Spanish Intensive + Flamenco Classes in Spain

  • Level Requirement: None
  • Length: 6 hours/ day
  • Class Size (For Spanish Course): 10
  • Culture Workshop: NO
  • Course Materials: NOT INCLUDED
  • Start Dates: Any Monday
  • Special Notes: For students aged 16 or older.

Number of weeks Price per week
1 week 435€

Study in Spanish

  • Level Requirement: Intermediate (B1)
  • Length: 2 hours of Spanish + 2 hours of the subject of your choice/ day
  • Class Size: 10
  • Culture Workshop: YES
  • Course Materials: NOT INCLUDED
  • Start Dates: February 2nd, April 6th, May 4th, July 6th and November 2nd
  • Special Notes: For your subject, choose between History of Spain, Hispanic Art or Hispanic Literature or any combination of the three.


347.50€/ week


263.75€/ week

Spanish Intensive + Christmas Programme

  • Level Requirement: None
  • Length: 4 hours/ day
  • Class Size: 10
  • Culture Workshop: NO
  • Course Materials: NOT INCLUDED
  • Start Dates: See School Website for Details
  • Special Notes: Starts the week Christmas Day falls on and ends the week New Years Eve falls on. Includes a special Christmas-themed programme (conferences, nativity scene exposition visits, Christmas carols, etc.).





All prices are for consecutive weeks of uninterrupted study. Reservations are confirmed within 24 hours.

Some course details, terms and conditions may vary. Consult school websites for details.

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