Spanish for Teachers in Salamanca

Spanish for Teachers in Salamanca

If teaching Spanish is your passion, you're like us! With Spanish for Teachers in Salamanca we put our years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language at your service. As anyone in the teaching field knows, teaching is not just about knowing your stuff - it's also about psychology, making classes fun and making sure your students are learning. These courses are taught by teachers specialised in the ins and outs of the trade, the best approach to take with different types of students and the most concise and comprehensible ways to explain complex grammar questions, such as the difference between "ser" and "estar". Spanish for Teachers classes also train you to keep your students interested and improve their retention of concepts taught in the classroom.

Compare prices and details for Spanish for Teachers in Salamanca at our Spanish language schools abroad in Salamanca. All of our schools are conveniently located in the city centre, near public transport, and boast well-lit, spacious, modern facilities and qualified, enthusiastic teachers. Our associated schools all use only the Communicative Approach. Click on the Spanish for Teachers course or school in Salamanca that you're most interested in to learn more about it.

Spanish Language Teaching

  • Level Requirement: Upper Intermediate (B2)
  • Length: 3 hours/ day
  • Class Size: 1
  • Culture Workshop: YES
  • Course Materials: INCLUDED
  • Start Dates: Any Weekday
  • Special Notes: At the end of your course you get a special Teacher's Degree.

2 weeks 1195€

All prices are for consecutive weeks of uninterrupted study. Reservations are confirmed within 24 hours.

Some course details, terms and conditions may vary. Consult school websites for details.

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