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Spanish Immersion School

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The Spanish Immersion School is the best Spanish value for your Spanish-learning buck in Valencia. Come on by and take a look at our spacious, modern school located just beside the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia campuses. The school is right nearby the Valencia Metro (Valencia's subterranean rail transport system), near stations Amistat (L5) and Facultats (L3). Our school is part of a greater Language Immersion School that not only teaches Spanish to foreign students but also many other langauges, including English, German and French. You'll have the unique opportunity to hook up with Spaniards studying other languages to get in some practice. Our philosophy's in our name: Spanish Immersion. No better way to pick up a language! We submerge you in a fully Spanish-speaking environment so you come out speaking authentic Spanish. You'll speak Spanish in your classes, with your teachers, with fellow classmates and with Spanish students. If you want to you can also choose a home stay to up your immersion experience to the max. Once your stay in Valencia ends you'll speak way more Spanish than you did when you arrived. We guarantee it.

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