Spain Homestay

spain homestay


Spain Homestay is the opportunity of a lifetime to have a truly complete Spanish Immersion experience. Your family will help you truly master Spanish in a real life context. While classroom learning is vital for building a proper base, there's nothing like going out into the real world to truly nail the language down. What better way than by doing a homestay with an authentic Valencian family? Think about, native speakers learn their first words in the home. Like English, Spanish is a huge language with one of the most massive vocabularies of any language in the world, yet to truly speak and make yourself understood you need only master a fraction of that vocabulary: the fraction that most everyone uses in day to day life. Your experience with your family will give you this context so you'll come out speaking the Spanish that Spanish people do. Spain Homestay is total immersion, especially when combined with a Spain Immersion course.

Spain Homestay Pricing

INDIVIDUAL ROOM Price per week
Half Board (breakfast and supper) 155€
Full Board 165€
Extra night (up to 3) +45€/ night
Half Board (breakfast and supper) 145€
Full Board 155€
Extra night (up to 3) +35€/ night

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