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Welcome to the Spanish Institute at Barcelona Sants. We are one of the most modern, high-tech language institutes in Europe and certainly one of the largest in Spain. Our facilities cover 2500 square metres, 2000 of which are interior y 500 taken up by tranquil gardens and outdoor areas. Our school is located in central Barcelona, just a short walk from Barcelona Sants, one of the city's two major transport hubs, and a less than 5 minutes on foot from the Metro station Rocafort. We are very proud of the environment created by our installations and maintained by our dedicated staff. Once Spanish learners take a peek inside our institute and see all that we have to offer they tend not to hesitate in booking a course.

The prestigious Spanish Institute at Barcelona Sants is the Spanish language institute preferred by choosy students looking for only the highest quality Spanish language courses. We do not entertain tourists or arrange holidays in Barcelona. Our philosophy is that those who come to our school hire us to teach them Spanish and we aim to do that in the most efficient manner possible. Our teaching staff is made up exclusively of professionals. Teaching the Spanish language is our passion: it's what we love, it's what we know and it's what we do best. We put all of our expertise and dedication at your service. That is why thousands of serious Spanish students choose the Spanish Institute at Barcelona Sants every year. There are plenty of other schools out there for those just looking to have a bit of fun and learn how to say a phrase or two, or just enough Spanish for their holiday. That is all well and good, but it is not what we specialise in. Our main objetive is that our students truly master the language. If your goal is to really speak Spanish as a second language, come here. At the end of your course at the Spanish Institute at Barcelona Sants you may not know how to dance flamenco, but we guarantee that you will know how to speak Spanish.

We offer a wide variety of courses to our students which include our in-house textbooks and workshops. We are particularly proud of the supplementary workshops we offer. Our workshops allow you to put into practise in a real-world situation everything that you learn in class so you will have a much easier time remembering it and relating it to your day-to-day experience. This is crucial for learning any language. We offer all sorts of interesting workshops, including writing workshops, history lessons of same kind that Spanish children learn in school, colloquial Spanish and much more. There's something for all interests.

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