Barcelona Homestay

barcelona homestay


The most immersive experience possible in learning Spanish is undoubtedly taking an Intensive Course while living with a Spanish-speaking family. Barcelona Homestay gives you that opportunity. This is the best choice for those students looking to not only maximise their exposure to the Spanish language but also to Hispanic culture. With Barcelona Homestay you will learn day-to-day Spanish that may not be covered in a classroom environment. Living with a Spanish-speaking family will reinforce what you learn in class and help you to learn faster and retain much more all the while gaining a perspective of the language impossible to reproduce in a school environment.

Barcelona Homestay Pricing

INDIVIDUAL ROOM Price per week
Just Breakfast 199€
Half Board (breakfast and supper) 219€
Full Board 249€
Extra night (up to 3) +45€/ night
Just Breakfast 169€
Half Board (breakfast and supper) 189€
Full Board 219€
Extra night (up to 3) +35€/ night

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