Barcelona Private Flats

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Barcelona Private Flats are available for those students who want a bit of privacy or simply prefer to live alone. Like all flats in Barcelona, our Barcelona Private Flats are located in the city centre, in the popular Eixample district. All of our private flats are fully furnished and equipped and come with WIFI internet access. You will live no more than 15 minutes away your school and Barcelona's main attractions. Utilities (gas and electricity) are included in the price. As with all housing options except Homestay, you must bring a 150€ deposit to be handed in on the day of your arrival which will be returned to you at the end of your stay.

Barcelona Private Flats Pricing

ONE BEDROOM Price per week
No Extras 995€
Extra night (up to 3) +169€/ night
TWO BEDROOMS Price per week
No extras 1295€
Extra night (up to 3) +169€/ night

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