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Spanish Internships in Spain

Spanish Internships

If you're looking to get some valuable career-oriented experience working in a Spanish-speaking environment, you should consider doing an internship abroad in Spain. Through our schools, you'll be placed in absolutely any sector or industry you wish in accordance with your prior experience and your professional and educational goals. We guarantee that, whatever your field, our schools will place you in an internship appropriate to your professional objectives. You'll get real, practical work experience in a Spanish company that will look great on your CV and you'll see your Spanish skills really take off. Normally, Spanish Internships come with a preparatory course which you'll take while your school is placing you, but some schools offer internships without courses (we'll show you which ones). As with all of our offers, you can combine your internship with housing and arrange an enjoyable and rewarding stay in Spain right here. Usually at least an intermediate level of Spanish is required to do a Spanish internship abroad.

If you're thinking of doing an internship and you'd like to dramatically improve your Spanish, why not do both? Choose the city that most interests you in each course's description to learn more about the Spanish Internships, courses and schools available there.


Spanish + Internship

  • Spanish Intensive Course + Internship in Spain
  • 5 days a week
Cities in which these courses are available:

Business Spanish + Spanish Internship

  • Business Spanish Course + Internship in Spain
  • 5 days a week
Cities in which these courses are available:

spanish language test

study and travel