Spanish Internships in Granada

Spanish Internships in Granada

If you're the career-minded sort then this is just what you've been looking for. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to do a real internship in a Spanish company through our partner schools in Granada. Having a Spanish work abroad experience under your belt is an invaluable opportunity to vastly improve your value in the labour market as well as your future employability. To take advantage of this one of a kind offer at any of our Spanish language partner schools just bring your CV along with you and be prepared to do some job interviews. Your school will take care of all the rest, including placement and coaching to help you nail your interview. You can request an internship in any conceivable field, from tourism and agriculture to aeronautics and robotics, but be prepared to travel as Spanish regions and cities tend to specialise. For example, Madrid is an aeronautical engineering and media technology centre while Granada and the rest of southern Andalusia specialise in tourism and agriculture. Barcelona tends to concentrate theoretical science and business activities. Once you finish your preparatory Spanish course you will be notified of the companies interested in placing you. Choose the one most suited to your goals and don't be afraid to decline as there will always be plenty more to choose from. To get the most out of your Spanish internship experience, be sure to choose the position that best reflects your career goals. If you aren't happy with your choice you can request another placement at no additional charge. Internships last two months at minimum, though extensions may be available.

Compare prices and details for Spanish Courses + Spanish Internships in Granada for all levels at our Spanish language schools abroad in Granada. All of our schools are conveniently located in the city centre, near public transport, and boast well-lit, spacious, modern facilities and qualified, enthusiastic teachers. Our associated schools all use only the Communicative Approach to teach Spanish. This means that you'll spend your class time speaking, listening and interacting in Spanish, not rote learning abstract grammar. Click on the Spanish Course + Spanish Internship or the school in Granada that you're most interested in to learn more about it.

Internship in Granada

  • Level Requirement: Intermediate (B1)
  • Length: 4 hours/ day
  • Class Size: 8
  • Culture Workshop: YES
  • Course Materials: INCLUDED
  • Start Dates: Any Monday
  • Special Notes: Guaranteed internship placement in the field of your choice at the end of your course.


Reservations are confirmed within 24 hours.

Some course details, terms and conditions may vary. Consult school websites for details.

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