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Spanish Language Academy

The Spanish Language Academy of Valencia offers quality Spanish language teaching to applied students from all around the world. Our Spanish Language Academy is the most prestigious Spanish school in Valencia and among the most prestigious of Spain and Europe. We offer a very wide variety of courses and activities to stimulate learning. We do not teach a smattering of the language but rather our goal is to help the student truly acquire Spanish and, ultimately, master it. To this end we've hired only the very best Spanish as a foreign language teachers, highly trained, skilled and qualified and eager to help student of Spanish to achieve their goals.

Our courses take advantage of the immersive environment provided by living in a Spanish-speaking country to launch your Spanish into the stratosphere. The Spanish Language Academy of Valencia offers state of the art installations for applied students to take full advantage o their Spanish abroad experience. A wired internet lounge gives you free world wide web access throughout academy hours, as well as a space to relax in, perfect for having a pleasant chat between classes over a nice cup of coffee. The academy, which has just recently been renovated, is located right in the centre of Valencia's university campus.

The Spanish Language Academy is fully integrated into the Galileo Galilei Student Residence, the most modern and well-equipped residence hall in Valencia. Students who choose this housing option will also be able to practise their Spanish with the Spanish university students who are also housed there. The Academy/Student Residence is very well linked to the rest of the city. A tram stop is located just across the street from the school and several bus lines will take you right to the heart of the city. You'll be just 15 minutes from Town Hall and 5 minutes from the beach. All of our students receive free access to our Online Spanish Course to beef up their learning potential.

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