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Spanish Language Centre

If you'd like to quickly get your Spanish up to speed consider taking a Spanish course at our Spanish Language Centre at Ventura Rodríguez in Madrid! Our courses not only offer many hours of real Spanish, taught by professional, native teachers, but also great flexibility. You can start any Monday and continue on as many weeks as you like. The more weeks you study, the less you pay. With us, you're guaranteed no more than 8 students per class at any one time so you'll get the individualised attention you need to answer all your questions so that you achieve your learning objectives, whatever your level. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply to take a Spanish course at the Spanish Language Centre.

We offer a wide variety of courses to choose from for all skill levels and budgets. An hour-long daily culture workshop, la hora de cultura, comes with absolutely all of our courses, so you'll not only master the language but also know how to use it in context. At the Spanish Language Centre we teach Spanish through the Communicative Approach, the most up to date foreign language teaching method out there. We'll never bore you with abstract, decontextualised Spanish grammar lessons. You'll spend your class time productively, engaging your teacher and classmates in real-world conversation, so you can be sure that the Spanish you learn will be useful and practical, not merely theoretical.

In the Spanish Language Centre your course textbooks are included in the price of your course and should you at any point change levels and require new textbooks, you'll get them free of charge. Many schools that offer foreign language classes at cut-rate prices slash their costs by packing in students like sardines and charging hidden fees, such as course textbook fees. We believe in including everything in the price you pay up front.

Upon completing a course with us you will receive our certifcate, certifying your level of Spanish and the academic hours you've done with us. This is quite a valuable addition to any CV. Studying at the Spanish Language Centre is a sound investment in your education and your future.

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