Accommodation in Madrid

Let's 'fess up: searching for accommodation in Madrid can be a real drag if you aren't familiar with the city. But how are you supposed to be familiar with it if you've never been here before, or you've only been here for a short time? Madrid is not a small city by European standards; indeed, it is the second largest on the continent and replete with many hundreds of different barrios. Our school has an independent network of student accommodation in Madrid tailored to students' needs. Our accommodation in Madrid is conveniently located very close to our school, in the city centre. Join the thousands of satisfied students who have stayed in our comfortable student accommodation in Madrid while taking their Spanish course.

Please note, all students who stay in our accommodation must follow a list of behavioural guidelines that ensure the high quality standards we hold ourselves to will be satisfactorily met. Failure to follow the guidelines could result in the withholding of part or the entirety of your deposit.

Behavioural Guidelines in our Accommodation in Madrid

1. No parties.

2. Loss of keys will lead to the withholding of the deposit. If the keys are stolen, 30€ will be deducted from the deposit.

3. No sleep-overs by people who don't live in the residence.

4. No changing rooms without first advising the school.

5. No making noise during Quiet Hours. Quiet Hours start at 11:00 PM.

6. No alcohol.

7. No smoking.

8. No illegal substances.

9. No animals (with the exception of seeing-eye dogs).

10. No sleeping in others' beds.

11. Any damage or breakage will lead to the withholding of the deposit.

12. No eating in bedrooms.


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