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examen dele


The examen DELE given by the Instituto Cervantes is the be all and end all of Spanish proficiency certification. Recognised around the world, the diplomas issued to those who pass the rigourous examen DELE are highly prestigious. But passing this exam, precisely because of the prestige and rigour associated with it, requires a great deal of time and effort with the language. Our preparatory course begins up to 4 weeks before each exam date, is taught a full 20 hours a week and is given for all DELE levels. You'll review all of the concepts you'll need to master to pass the examen DELE for your level. Along with our Spanish culture workshop, la hora de cultura, you'll get the preparation you need to get your diploma.

Examen DELE Preparatory Class Hours
9:00 - 13:00
Examen DELE Preparatory Class Pricing

Weeks Tuition
2 weeks 358€
Weeks Tuition
2 weeks 358€
3 weeks 537€
4 weeks 716€
Weeks Tuition
3 weeks 615€
4 weeks 815€

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