Madrid Homestay

madrid homestay


Being that you're planning on coming to Madrid to learn Spanish, why not get the most out of your experience? Do a Madrid homestay with a Spanish family in Madrid. Your family will provide you with comfortable accommodation, meals and will help you with your Spanish. Your stay will be that much more immersive and you'll see first hand what day to day life is like in a typical Spanish family in Madrid. Our special Madrid homestay option is arranged with one of the many families with which we have a long-standing, professional relationship. Our families are accustomed to accommodating foreign Spanish language students and very much enjoy helping our students out with their Spanish. Our students always come away from Madrid homestays with fond memories and wonderful experiences.

Madrid Homestay Pricing

INDIVIDUAL ROOM Price per week
Just Breakfast 199€
Half Board (breakfast and supper) 219€
Full Board 249€
Extra night (up to 3) +45€/ night
Just Breakfast 169€
Half Board (breakfast and supper) 189€
Full Board 219€
Extra night (up to 3) +35€/ night

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