Premium Spanish

This is a great option for small student groups or groups of company employees. Choose a Premium Spanish Course for your group for quality Spanish learning with a level of individualised attention surpassed only by that of one to one Spanish lessons along with VIP treatment at a great bargain. In our Premium Spanish classes students learn Spanish in a minigroup no larger than 4 students. Your group will get the most individualised attention you can find in any Spanish course for groups at a cost 45% less than that of One to One lessons. If you're looking for the one to one attention offered by private tutoring at affordable group-prices, a Premium Course is a great bargain.

Premium Spanish Courses cover all the same material as a normal course but in a very small group of students all of the same level. Some Premium Spanish Courses are also supplemented with one or more hours of private tutoring as well as a free casual lunch with the teacher and a coffee during the break. Each group member will have much more speaking time with the teacher and will advance faster than in normal groups. As with all of our courses, Premium Spanish includes la hora de cultura, an hour-long daily culture workshop that teaches students how to use Spanish in context. We teach Spanish using the modern communicative approach, so we don't bore our students with grammar lessons. Instead, we teach proper grammar through speaking, listening and understanding how meaning is conveyed in context, so our students' knowledge of Spanish is practical, not theoretical.

Class hours are entirely flexible and can be adapted to fit the needs of your group. If your firm is looking to invest in training staff to speak fluent Spanish in a just short time, Premium Spanish is ideal for you.


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