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Study Abroad in Madrid

Study Abroad Madrid

The Spanish Language Centre was founded in January 2000. Our founding principles are to provide professional, high quality Spanish-language education to adults and professionals interested in studying abroad in Madrid. Originally we were located in Plaza de la Marina Española, but thanks to word of mouth of many satisfied students our popularity spread so quickly that within just six months we had outgrown our original facilities and so we had to relocate. Since our inception we've literally more than tripled in size. We attribute our exponential growth in the highly competitive and crowded market that is study abroad in Madrid to the effectiveness of our approach.

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To start with, unlike many language institutes, our school is exclusively dedicated to teaching Spanish to foreign-language students studying abroad. This is Spain, after all, and creating a team of first rate Spanish teachers is a matter of knowing where to look and being choosy. We focus on what we know we're good at. All of our teachers are native speakers and professionals trained in the latest language acquisition techniques. Most have been working with us since we started and have accumulated extensive experience at our centre teaching Spanish to students doing a study abroad in Madrid.

Other schools may hit you with a barrage of hidden fees after you enrol, such as by charging you extra for your course materials, so your course ends up costing you a lot more than you thought it would when signing up. At the Spanish Language Centre all of your course materials are included with any course you take. Furthermore, should you finish one level and move on to the next, your new course materials will be provided to you at no additional cost! We are committed to the satisfaction of all our clients who come to us for their study abroad in Madrid experience and so our philosophy is to give you what you pay for up front, no tricks.

All of our course materials have been painstakingly developed by our own teachers for use in our school but have proved to be tremendously popular in the Spanish teaching market in general and so many other schools and private teachers catering to students studying abroad in Madrid, or in Spain, have also adopted them. We use the Communicative Approach to teaching Spanish which emphasises language acquisition through repeated practical experience over rote learning. Our course books are full of engaging exercises which will serve to guide you through meaningful communication with your classmates in a wide variety of practical situations so you'll always be learning real, spoken Spanish, not abstract grammatical rules. You will learn by interacting with your classmates and teacher in Spanish and our textbooks provide a structure and framework in which to create that interaction.

Our school is conveniently located right in the heart of Madrid, near Plaza de España, Gran Vía and Calle Princesa. Surrounded by great shopping, great food and lots of night venues, it's a great starting point for exploring Madrid after class.

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