Courses for Teachers of Spanish

Our special courses for teachers of Spanish is a terrific opportunity for improving your professional skills. As fellow teachers of Spanish we understand and share your concerns and goals in the classroom and we know full well that mastery of the Spanish language, or any language, does not automatically make us qualified to teach. Teaching Spanish, as with any profession, requires special study and knowledge. And as with any profession, the more you study and the more credentials you have, the higher the salary you will command in today's highly competitive labour market. In our course you will take advantage of our years of experience teaching Spanish to learn the most effective techniques, the most popular exercises and the most convincing explanations. We'll show you how to resolve some of the thornier grammatical issues in the Spanish language that even leave many Spanish professors in Spain scratching their heads, you'll learn what the real differences are between "ser" and "estar", we'll get you up to speed on modern Spanish pedagogy, and much, much more.

We have two versions of this course on offer. Our Group Course for Teachers of Spanish is taught with a minimum of 3 students, y lasts 2 weeks and starts on August 3rd. We also offer a One to One Course for Teachers of Spanish which starts every Monday except the two Mondays in August when the Group Course is taught.


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