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Your First Day Abroad in Madrid

Our students normally arrive on Sunday afternoon and begin classes on Monday morning. On the day of your arrival we'll help you orient yourself and take in your new surroundings. If you like, you can request our pickup service. A designated school representative would then pick you up at the airport or train station and drive you to your accommodation. After a stop by the housing offices to leave your deposit (if applicable) you're driven directly to your accomodation where you'll get a chance to settle in. You'll also be shown how to get to your school from where you live. Welcome to Madrid! Go ahead and explore your neighborhood, familiarize yourself with your local streets and shops, take a ride on the metro (Madrid's subway), have some tapas. If you chose to stay with a Spanish Host Family (great choice!) you'll be introduced to your family and they will show you how to get around town and how to get to your school from where you live.

First Day in Madrid

On the very next day, Monday morning, you'll head to the Argüelles Spanish Language School. You should be there at 8:30 AM sharp to take your Spanish level test. The level test will help teachers to assess your Spanish and place you in the level and class best suited to your needs. Unlike many other schools, we don't just take your level into account. We also test you to see where you are especially strong and where your weak points are. The size of our school permits us to give many different classes for every level and each class will be covering a different part of the syllabus. Based on your test results you'll be placed in the class reviewing the part of the syllabus that corresponds to the areas where you have the most room for improvement. You won't need to go through the entire syllabus to advance to the next level either. Once you've mastered the concepts you need to know your teacher will promote you and you'll go straight to the next level. So if you've got a pretty good level of Spanish except for one pesky problem that's holding you back, don't worry about it. We'll help you work out your one pesky problem and once you've got, you'll be off to the next level.

While your teachers are placing you we'll take you on the City Tour. In the City Tour we'll show you around the neighborhood where the school is located. Then you'll go to a special Orientation where we'll inform you of your level of Spanish, the class you've been assigned to, your class hours, what's up at the school that week and we'll give you valuable safety tips. Remember, Madrid is a big city of around 5,000,000 people and the same safety guidelines apply as in any other big city. We'll also show you how to use the metro, what the different fares are and how to buy tickets.

Right after your Orientation you'll go directly to your very first class where you'll meet your teachers and your fellow students.

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