Spanish in Madrid

Every day more and more students decide to learn Spanish in Madrid. Spain's bustling, cosmopolitan capital city has it all: delicious food, enriching culture, fascinating history, modern infrastructure and a forward-looking, international atmosphere. Madrid is the third largest city in Europe and one of Spain's most important financial and social magnets. In Madrid you'll find people from all walks of life, from around the world. Without a doubt, to really enjoy your stay in Spain's "city that never sleeps" knowing Spanish is a must. Spain is a country that has as yet not assimilated English in the way its European neighbors have and so Spanish remains the country's lingua franca, even with foreign visitors. From the cafes and bars to television and films (foreign films are nearly always dubbed), Spanish in Madrid is necessarily an experience in immersion and as such it is perfect for the up and coming Spanish language student. We guarantee you won't leave without speaking Spanish.

Yet Spanish in Madrid is also comfort and quality of life. Madrid is among Europe's greenest cities, with thousands upon thousands of square metres of parks and gardens, yet it is also filled with frenetic activity and commerce. The weather tends to be clear and sunny all year round and it is truly a paradise for those who love the sun. The cuisine is part of what is known as the Mediterranean Diet, one of the world's healthiest and now considered a world heritage. Madrid's public transportation network is easily one of the best in the world in terms of comfort, reliability, comprehensiveness and effectiveness. (Come see for yourself!)

Spanish in Madrid is Spanish with class. The city whose museums once captivated Ernest Hemingway has become a highly sought-after destination for foreign tourists and students. Consequently, teaching Spanish is a highly competitive field in the local economy. Our school is determined to be at the forefront of new developments and we are constantly upgrading so as to offer our students only the most modern facilities and techniques.

We would recommend that all students of the Spanish language, hispanophiles or anyone with any sort of interest or connection to Hispanic culture come experience Spanish in Madrid at least once. This veritable Babylon of the Hispanic world is assuredly worth the visit. Learning Spanish in Madrid is an experience to remember that simply must be lived to be fully understood and appreciated. Go ahead and take the plunge: the Argüelles Spanish Language School makes Spanish in Madrid a cinch.

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