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Spanish Level TestHow well do you know Spanish? Take our exclusive Spanish Level Test Challenge - the ultimate online Spanish test, and find out which course is best suited to you! You're a young bull (novillo) struggling to make it through the ranks. But will you be able to make it all the way to the top and face the dreaded boss, the most dastardly matador in Spain, El Torero Tramposo? Before you can get a chance to dethrone him, you'll have to travel throughout Spain and prove your worth against other Spanish matadors. Each Spanish test level you pass will grant you access to a new, more challenging level. You'll also get a variety of cool banners to post to your blog, website or web profile and show off your Spanish skills. For an extra challenge, try to get a perfect score. If you pass a Spanish test level without making a single mistake, you'll earn access to special bonus banners.

When you reach the fifth level of the ultimate online Spanish test, you'll confront El Torero Tramposo himself. Will you be THE ONE? The bull that finally defeats him? Click on El Torero Tramposo's mug shot to take the Challenge and find out.

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