Our Spanish Teaching Method

Spanish Teaching Method - Communicative Approach

The Communicative Approach is a practical, modern method for teaching foreign languages based on student interaction. Through interpersonal communication in real world contexts, language learners pick up on underlying grammatical concepts by seeing how they're used in their proper context and employing them to communicate effectively. Our Spanish teaching method teaches students to produce meaningful speech and trains the ear to understand the spoken word. By the same token, students will never be made to rote-learn abstract grammar or other concepts that are not useful for gaining Spanish proficiency.

All of our associated schools exclusively use the Communicative Approach as their Spanish teaching method. This means you'll be speaking Spanish from the very first day of class. At our associate schools, Spanish language students spend each and every moment of class time participating in interactive discussion grounded in how natives express themselves in every-day contexts. Proper grammar isn't lectured in but rather picked up naturally in the course of the lesson. In each communicative context the student puts the day's lesson to practical use and draws from their own experiences to express themselves and understand others, ensuring that grammar is always related to meaning.

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