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Study Spanish and Travel

Study Spanish and Travel Abroad

In today's world knowledge of Spanish is a big plus that greatly helps you stand out in the labour market. Why not make this year's holiday an educational one? Study Spanish and travel throughout Spain with our Spaintrotter Study and Travel Packages. Through a close relationship and coordination with our schools we've developed these special study-travel programmes for those keen on getting to know both the Spanish language and Spain itself at the same time. You'll be able to travel from city to city and continue studying at our schools as you go, picking up from where you left off at each destination. You'll have the chance to familiarise yourself with the many unique cultures indigenous to Spain along with its beautiful and charming cities. You'll also get the added advantage of hearing vastly different accents and dialects which is invaluable for improving listening proficiency. Each Spaintrotter Study and Travel Package comes complete with the most affordable housing in each city you travel to for the duration of your stay there. Courses begin on Monday and end on Friday, leaving you the weekend for travelling purposes. If you're concerned about how to get around Spain, no worries. Just ask for help from your school's staff at the front desk and they'll be happy to help you arrange your travel plans and get where you need to go to continue your course!

Study Spanish and Travel Spain

Spaintrotter Study and Travel Packages allow you to jump right into Spanish abroad without having to worry about planning every detail. We select the most popular courses and the most affordable housing options and plan out fascinating itineraries for you so you can just concentrate on seeing the sights and immersing yourself in the language and culture of Spain.

Why choose a package instead of just enrolling in several different schools yourself? Aside from the simplicity of our Spaintrotter offer, by choosing a Study and Travel Package you save money thanks to our special coordination with our partner schools all around Spain. With Spaintrotter you'll only pay a single enrolment fee, rather than a separate enrolment fee for each school you study at, which can translate to big savings! We also choose the most popular and economical courses and housing options to greatly simplify the enrolment process. Just click and travel! If you're interested in one of our offers send us your contact information and the offer that interests you via our contact form.

Valencia - Salamanca
710 euros
Marbella - Valencia - Barcelona
970 euros
Madrid - Barcelona
1330 euros
Madrid - Barcelona - Valencia
1380 euros

*Travel arrangements are not included except where otherwise specified.

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