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Studying Spanish Abroad

Studying Spanish Abroad

If you are reading this you are probably considering taking the leap and studying Spanish abroad. Let us tell you that you are on the verge of embarking on what will be one of the most memorable and enriching experiences in your life. Students from all over the world are discovering the exciting Spanish language and there is no question that the best way to learn it is to live in a country where it is spoken. Studying Spanish abroad in Spain is a one of a kind adventure. You'll discover a whole new country, another culture, a new way of life and looking at the world and you'll make friends from around the globe. Most importantly, of course, you'll make a giant leap in your progress toward mastering the Spanish language.

Studying Spanish Abroad

With Go Spanish Abroad, studying Spanish abroad has never been easier. We carefully parse through the hundreds of Spanish language schools and courses out there and, applying our strict set of quality criteria, we single out the crème de la crème. Our special relationship with these top quality Spanish schools allows us to make all course and housing arrangements for students in our offices through our website and centralised database. We facilitate the enrolment and reservation process so much that all you'll need to do is send in your application form and make your travel arrangements and you're done. We make studying Spanish abroad easy so you can focus on improving your Spanish rather than juggling accumulated paperwork from multiple reservations.

All of our associate schools must:

- Have a class size limit of no more than 10 students.
- Employ professional, native teachers specialised in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
- Use the Communicative Approach to teaching foreign languages; students learn the language through using it, not by rote.
- Be conveniently and centrally located, near public transport.
- Use state-of-the-art equipment and have spacious, well-lit, well-kept, modern facilities.

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