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Learn Spanish in Valencia

Learn Spanish in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and the fifteenth largest in the European Union. About 800,000 people live in the city proper and some 1,700,000 in the greater metropolitan area. It is the capital of the autonomous region of the same name and is located on the Mediterranean coast, 350 kilometres south of Barcelona. Like Catalonia to the north, this is a bilingual region where Catalan and Spanish are used interchangeably. The city of Valencia is known throughout Spain for the deeply ingrained tradition of Les Falles as well as its many culinary contributions, including paella. It was founded by the Romans in 138 BC and today is one of Spain's main economic powerhouses.

Valencia Spanish

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Study Spanish in Valencia

Learn Spanish in Valencia at the Spanish Language Academy. Our academy boasts spacious, high-tech facilities and seasoned, professional teachers with only one goal in mind: making sure our students leave the academy knowing their stuff. The Spanish Language Academy is the most rigourous Spanish language school in Valencia. If you are a dedicated Spanish learner and really want to improve your level of Spanish, we will go to practically any lengths to help you out. Click on the link above to explore our website and learn more about the courses and accommodation we offer at our academy.

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