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Valencia Nightlife

Valencia at night

Valencia has a lively nightlife that reflects its size. Parties are at their peak from Friday night until Sunday. As in all of Spain, night clubs open late and close early in the next morning. Valencia is a city on the beach so be sure to incorporate that into your weekend leisure plans while you're here. Many outdoor discos, clubs and night venues can be found on the beach.


Head to the beach! Remember that Valencia is a big city on the shore and beach parties aren't something you're liable to see in Madrid, for instance. Barrio del Carmen is Valencia's nightlife zone par excellence while calle Juan Llorens caters to a young crowd, teenagers and twenty-somethings, with a variety of musical styles.

Valencian night out

To add an exclusive style to your night out be sure to check out Havana Club, opened in 1982 it is a trendy nightclub which offers the chance to bump into a celebrity so make sure you dress smartly. Footballers and television presenters have been known to frequently stop by and with this in mind the prices you will pay will match the surroundings. Though you do get a free drink, which is included in the cover charge, so it would be a good place to go toward the end of your night once you've had the chance to get in the party mood. Hoguera If you would rather see the footballers do what they do best then head on down to St Patrick's Irish bar, you'll be sure to catch a sport of some kind and avoid the drama of fighting for the remote as they will put several games on at once. The drink prices are what you would expect for an Irish bar so it's not cheap but worth it for the friendly atmosphere and inviting staff. Although they don't serve food you can ask them to order a pizza in to share amongst friends to make sure you stick it out until full time. Another mainstream club to make sure you check out is Bolseria Café, with a great sense energy which is predominantly R&B. If you're on the lookout to meet somebody new in your life and fancy an upbeat club then check out appropriately named Singles which offers a great selection of food throughout the day but later at night becomes a energetic club. If you are in the mood for a cocktail the Bagoas Cocktail Bar will be for you. It has a modern interior with very welcoming staff along with reasonable prices for the cocktails, great to kick back and enjoy the ride.

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